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LED Lamp Shades Made Of What Material?
Mar 31, 2017

Style can be said to be a wide variety of LED lamps, what has, with the LED lamp shade materials are also different, LED lamp shades made of what material? What material differences and their respective advantages and disadvantages of it?

LED lamp

Fabric LED lamp

This is the common material, referred to as cloth lampshades, or covers are made by sewing material, over a transparent or semi transparent cover on the light bulb. On the main application in indoor lighting such as table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps, Ceiling lamps, and so on. Silk lamp shades used in formal rooms or bedrooms, linen, parchment and textured shade suitable for use in the family room or small rooms, hand-sewn or hand-painted Lampshade can add a sense of intimacy and gentle for the room.

PC shade

The LED lamp shade material is light, less dense than glass, and unbreakable, imported PC 5-10 basic raw materials do not change color, color variety, anti-aging, strong weather resistance (resistant to strong winds, snow and ice hit. Is a large square, main street, Central Park, landscape lighting products of choice.

LED glass lamp shades

This is by far the most popular form of Lampshade materials, glass shade has a good light transmission and high temperature gas-free play, not yellowed, weather resistance, high rate of transmission, optional internal and external coating, scrub, vacuum coating, matte coated aluminium, electrostatic spraying, spray color coloring process. Suitable for indoor decorative lighting lamps. Present high-end LED Interior lamps with glass shades.

Kraft paper lamp shades

Feel this material is very strange, how can the paper be? This kraft paper laminated PVC film. Iron frame. White paint, Lampshade size 8*18*12 antique floor kraft paper lamp shade, the color classic, is very suitable for home relatively simple decoration.

LED lighting materials different usage scenarios, and what kind of environment using what kind of LED lamp is about, when consumers buy LED lamps, according to their own requirements to select an appropriate LED lamp shades!

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